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To improve student numeracy results through the implementation of evidence-based best practices in teaching numeracy.

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To improve confidence and enjoyment in teaching and programming mathematics so that every student can leave school numerate.

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To help teachers teach and students learn.

Professional Development

  • Why is it so important in Numeracy and Mathematics?
  • How do we teach it?
  • How do we know if our students are developing it?
  • Is there a way to assess it?
  • How to develop numeracy understanding and to take it beyond the mathematics lesson?
  • How to make maths relevant and enjoyable and achievable for all students to learn?
  • How to incorporate a growth mindset into your maths classroom?

How to use NAPLAN results and standardised maths test results and classroom assessments and make them valuable for teachers to use in their programming? Using the RTI (Response to Intervention) model to determine who is thriving in the classroom environment and who needs extra support.

How to use the curriculum or syllabus documents to cover all content and track student skill development and understanding?

Maths lessons using EDI (Explicit Direct Instruction) so that all the students in the classroom can ‘get it’! How and when to incorporate ‘discovery’ sessions into your maths lessons?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  You provided great prompts for some lively and valuable discussions.

“Using RTI ensures no child is left behind in numeracy” – workshop.

Jodie Garrad, Assistant Head K-2, Pittwater House

Some really profound ‘ah ha’ moments and revised a lot that I have let slip from my teaching.

“How to Teach Number Sense” – PD day

Kellie Rowe, Teacher, St Mary's School

Loved and appreciated all the research-proven methods, as well as the reference to Number Sense!  Thank you.

(How to Teach Number Sense PD – 17 August 2018)

Kate Gurgian , Time to Shine Australia