Hi, fellow Special Education/Learning Support teachers…
I know it’s hard to find something to help you to help your students who are struggling with Maths.
For some time now I’ve been working on a numeracy intervention program.
As you probably know there’s a lot available in the Literacy field but not so much available in the numeracy field…
And right now with students back at school with even bigger gaps, you might be looking for a quick intervention program to help you to help them catch up.
So, if you are working with younger primary students who are struggling with Maths…
Or students who are starting to think they are ‘no good at Maths’…
Or students with special needs who haven’t got the basic numeracy skills …
My numeracy intervention program will help you to help them…
✅Recognise all their numbers.(Read them & Write them)
✅Put numbers in order and know what’s missing
✅Count accurately (even to 3,4, 5 digits, and in decimals)
✅Show you the numbers that they can count to …by accurately counting out concrete materials &/or pointing to the numbers on visual models such as a hundred chart/number line
✅Do quick addition and subtraction to find a total without needing to count by ones

LINDA stands for Lynz Intervention Numeracy Drill Activities!
It’s a 1:1 intervention program developed after years of working with students with special needs and based on research on how students develop numeracy & number sense.
It provides students quick revision and instruction on a regular basis.

It’s preferably given 4 or 5 times per week for a 5-10 minute session.

It covers the 4 essential early numeracy skills of:
🍎numeral recognition
☘️number sense &

Learning support and special education teachers are loving it.
So buy it now.  A one-off payment of $87 will give you a program you can individualise for your students again and again and again.  There are no further expenses to have a program that will last you many years for many children.  And, if you stay in touch with email there are also free follow-up resources to help you implement LINDA.

I’ll be interested to hear how it works for your kids.