Year Two

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Year Two – Numeracy Warm-up PowerPoints with
a Number Sense Focus
These numeracy warm-ups have been developed after years of working with teachers
and providing training in number sense and early numeracy skills.  Teachers kept asking
if there was a product that would make it easy for them to integrate all the research into
an effective numeracy warm-up. Here is the result: a PowerPoint based on a solid
research base of what constitutes effective numeracy instruction that you can use in a
daily warm-up routine.
These are animated Numeracy Warm-up PowerPoint slides targeted to Year 2 for
developing number sense to 1000 (as expected in the NSW Maths syllabus and the
Australian Maths Curriculum) that will also provide an opportunity to review and extend
your student/s’ addition & subtraction and multiplication & division strategies that are
expected at the Year 2 level.
There are well over 50 slides to choose from covering a variety of strands with extensive
teacher notes and syllabus/curriculum outcomes provided. There are also general
explanatory teacher guidelines included in a separate pdf.




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