Professional Learning For Teachers

  • Do you like mathematics and want to help your students to like it too?
  • Are you anxious about teaching mathematics and looking for support and programming ideas in this subject?
  • Do a number of your students just not ‘get it’ and you want to help them to improve their numeracy results?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then LYNZ Education can help.

It is critical that all our students are provided with the highest quality teaching in mathematics so that they can develop the necessary numeracy skills and understanding to be successful in life. It is also essential that they are supported in their development of number sense early in their schooling experience. and that students remain engaged and positive about their mathematics learning throughout their years at school.

See the events page for the Professional Learning that is coming up.  School based PL options are also available. Full day or afternoon events can be delivered at your school. You may also like to consider hosting a PL day/event at your school that teachers from your area can be invited to attend.  Contact us at Lynz Education to discuss your PL needs and the variety of options available.