Numeracy Warm-up PowerPoints with a Number Sense Focus

Numeracy Warm-up

Numeracy warm-up power point slides available now for Kindergarten/Foundation & Year one with links to the Australian curriculum and NSW Maths Syllabus provided.

Daily Numeracy Warm-up

Daily numeracy warm-ups provide opportunity for your students to review content you’ve previously taught…. so they don’t forget it!

Range of questions provided

Daily numeracy warm-ups provide the opportunity to build and consolidate number sense.

Comprehensive teacher notes included

Daily numeracy warm-ups that cover a wide range of mathematical content.

50 slides to choose from for each year level

Variety of mathematical strands covered.
Just $17.50 AUD per year level with enough content to review over the course of the year.

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Lynz Intervention Numeracy Drill Activities

If you are working with younger primary students who are struggling with Maths or students who are starting to think they are ‘no good at Maths’ then keep reading…

Can the students you work with:

  •       Recognize all the numbers they should know? (Read them & Write them?)
  •       Put the numbers in order and know what’s missing?
  •       Count accurately to as high as they need to count for their school year?
  •       Show you the numbers that they can count to by accurately counting out concrete materials &/or pointing to the numbers on visual models such as a hundred chart/number line?
  •       Subitize?
  •       Do quick addition and subtraction to find a total without needing to count by ones?

If you know they need help with any of these skills then you may appreciate the LINDA Intervention Program…it may just be what you are looking for!

LINDA is a 1:1 intervention program to give students quick revision and instruction on a regular basis – preferably 4 or 5 times per week for a 5-10 minute a session on the early numeracy skills of:

  🍎     numeral recognition   🍒   counting

  ☘️     number sense &          🍄    addition/subtraction.

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