Tutoring For Students

  • Is your child struggling at school with their learning?
  • Are they anxious about learning mathematics or struggling in reading, writing or spelling?
  • Is homework a real struggle and you just don’t know how to help them?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then LYNZ Education Tutoring Services (LETS) can help.

Don’t leave it any longer to break a cycle of failure.  If a child is struggling it is unlikely to ‘go away’.  They need strategies that will work for them and they need help to catch up and to feel that they can learn.

All children need to leave school both literate and numerate.  There are strategies that can help.

We know you’re doing your best but some children just don’t respond well to their parents taking on a teacher role!  If your child is telling you “No, that’s not how we do it at school..!” and you’re at your wit’s end as to how to help them then reach out for some help! 

LETS tutors are all qualified teachers with further training in Special Education.

They know ‘what works’ and how to deliver it in a way that gives children a chance to see that they CAN LEARN and they CAN IMPROVE.


LETS offer tutoring options for children individually, in small groups, face to face or via Zoom.

Contact us at Lynz Education by clicking on the link below and we’ll get back to you ASAP to discuss your child’s needs.

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See What Parents Have Said About LETS

My son had a fairly negative attitude towards Maths prior to tutoring – he said it was “boring”.  It was impossible to help him all by myself as he would refuse to engage with Maths work at home.  After working with Lynelle, my son’s teacher reported that they had noticed his confidence had improved and that he was more willing to answer maths questions in class. I believe my son has felt his confidence has increased regarding Maths. I have appreciated Lynelle’s efforts to adapt lessons to engage with my son and his interests as well as her ability to continue tutoring via online means during Covid restrictions. I would recommend Lynelle to other parents.

Emma, Parent

My daughter hated Maths and didn’t believe she could do it… so we started working with Lynelle and implementing her strategies for teaching Maths. In just 6 months her confidence has gone ‘through the roof’.  She now believes in herself and her understanding of Maths has skyrocketed.  She was at least one year behind her year level in skills and understanding when we started but now she is above average for her class.  She recently did a PAT Maths test at her school and she got excellent results. Her teachers have certainly noticed an improvement.  In just a few months of using Lynelle’s strategies, my daughter has gained over a year in Maths knowledge.  It’s great to see her so happy and confident to engage with Mathematics now. We’ve loved working with Lynelle and we’d recommend her strategies and methods for anyone who is ‘down’ on themselves about Maths.

Allen Steins, Parent

I just started homeschooling my daughter this year because she was hating school and particularly hating Maths! I found out during the lockdown that she was struggling more than I realized. But  I wasn’t confident about how to program and teach her Maths, particularly as I had to prepare to be accredited as a home-schooling parent. So, when I saw Lynelle was an expert in teaching Maths to students who struggle I reached out to talk to her.  I really liked the approach she said she took to build a student’s confidence first by helping them with Number Sense. I knew she was going to be such a good fit for my daughter and I and her ideas would really help me be a better homeschooling mum.  We’ve loved the activities Lynelle has taught us.  We’ve done chalk Maths outside on the concrete.  We’ve done cooking Maths and lego Maths and chocolate Maths!  Lynelle has shared some great recommendations of online resources for us to use too.  It’s been so helpful to have an ‘expert’ in our corner as we started out on this big journey! We’d recommend Lynelle to other homeschooling parents, or any parents for that matter, who have kids who are struggling with Maths.

Brooke Hasselman, Parent

My son Archie was struggling in all aspects of Numeracy & Literacy, from K through to Grade 3. Starting with Lynelle has been very easy and she has been amazing at breaking down the basics for my son. She helped develop his skills to an extent that he’s back on track with his class. He loves that she plays a lot of games and that she has activities that are tailored to his needs. Lynelle is an amazing tutor!

Ben Haigh, Parent